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Back to School Night 2020-2021

Welcome to our virtual Back to School Night!  Click on the links below to navigate to your child's classroom teacher's presentation.  We look forward to sharing information about this year's program as well as answer questions you may have about Distance Learning and more.


Administrator's Welcome (available from 5:00 and on)

Q & A Link (Please ask questions for site administrators here or in the classroom Back to School Night Q & A time with teachers).  We will do our best to answer as many as possible in a follow up Q&A document to be shared with the parent community).



Transitional Kindergarten, Lola Britton     Slideshow

Kindergarten, Sheryl Hill     Slideshow 

Kindergarten, Jennifer Vaughan/Louise McCarthy     Slideshow

First Grade, Joanne Tabasz

First Grade, Trina McCoy     Q & A

K-3rd Grade SDC, Lamis Almalouhi 



Second Grade, Risa Schwartz     Q & A

Second Grade, Anne Twichell.    Slideshow

Third Grade, Brenda Ashworth

Third Grade, Colleen Riggen

Third Grade, Jennifer Walker



Fourth Grade, Allison Dunham     Slideshow.    Q & A

Fourth Grade, Heather Reaves     Slideshow

Fifth Grade, Roisin Fahey    Slideshow

Fifth Grade, Amy Ryan   

6th Grade, MarieLouise Minvielle     Slideshow    Q & A

6th Grade, Nini Ryan     Slideshow

4-6 Grade SDC, Monica Cesarello     Slideshow

4-6 Physical Education, Kelli Murdock     Slideshow